It's me!

The Story So Far

Hi, I’m Jason.

0-9: Born in rural Missouri in 1985. Told parents I wanted to be a fire hydrant when I grew up. Did kids stuff. Sang title role in the opera Amahl and the Night Visitors.

10s: First kiss. Family moved from Fair Grove (population 919) to the woods. Built my first computer. Read more books. Shook the President’s hand in the White House with the U.S. Senate Youth Program. Graduated in a class of 50 from Fair Grove High School. Started at Drury University. Drove a moped off a cliff (by accident) in Greece.

20s: Launched the website where the Hackintosh was born. Studied abroad in London. Sold website to some Brits. Graduated from college. Read more books. Earned master’s from the University of Chicago. Worked an office job in downtown Chicago. Started Ph.D. at Brown. Founded The Art of Theory, a political philosophy quarterly. Visited my 50th state. First encounter with depression. Left Brown to recover and headed home to the Ozarks.

30-now: Moved in with my 91-year-old grandmother as caregiver. Took what local work I could find. Edited the State Desk at Ballotpedia. Began freelancing as a speechwriter. Returned to full-time research after the 2016 election. Added my maternal family’s name to my own. Moved to Virginia. Started conversations about liberalism for the Institute for Humane Studies.